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Sadao Maou~ 

mikorin appreciation post!

Rin-senpai! Can I have my souvenir, please? Koala! Kangaroo!

Mikoshiba Brothers! ヽ(・∀・)ノ

Free! Eternal Summer: Characters I

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rei watching haru.

Anonymous: Who are the best graphic makers for you?

I follow a lot of people who makes great graphics haha but hmm Im gonna give you my top it means I worship their edits hahaha

1. taitetsu

2. keiko-chan

3. kadrena

4. mmatsuokah

5. ohbirds

"We’ll be able to save a lot of money this way.”


This is a free! week dedicated to all hot swimmer boys!!!

This week will happen during Novevember 17 till November 23, 7 days with lots of happy/sad things. You will be able to make whatever you want as long it’s according to the rules , if you need any help or have any question about it just send us your question.

Here are the prompts/ thematics of each day

  • Day 1 - nov 17 For the Team
  • Day 2 - nov 18 Your style ( fav. character )
  • Day 3 - nov 19 I love you more than water ( ship/ otp / whatever with it )
  • Day 4 - nov 20 Water is alive  
  • Day 5 - nov 21 Eternal summer  
  • Day 6 - nov 22 Freestyle day
  • Day 7 - nov 23 For the future

Good lucky using you creativity!!!!

and you don’t need to do all the days, you can do just one day!

p.s: your post MUST have the tag #thefreeweek  within the first 5 tags

I’m looking foward to see you all! Have a nice free!week!!!!!!!

rinmatsuoka5ever: i was wondering, where did you buy the sosuke cd from?

I got it from cd japan :) here



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