Yamazaki Sousuke Is My Perfect Boyfriend

N A N A S E   H A R U K A  appreciation post 

That moment when your still waiting for a new chapter of knb and then you realized its over and then you go crying everytime you realized its over.


Get To Know Prince of Tennis: Epithets (+

Happy birthday Nat
"In this place…Forever…"



Now Haru and Rin return back to their baras in Japan


"Did you Makoto have a fight? It was just one little fight. Sousuke and I fight all the time."

Sounds like girlfriends consoling each other

Face it, we know Makoto and Sousuke wear the pants

"In this place… Forever…

I want to keep swimming!”

I… just don’t want to be over there right now.


Free! Eternal Summer 08; Scenery

it almost looks real

..but when I came here and saw the ocean, I felt calmer. Because I knew that just beyond it, you and Sousuke where there. My friends were there. I felt like it connected me to you guys.